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Welcome to Liban Trade .Division of Oueida Trading.World Wide Importers & Exporters of Electrical & Electronic house hold products. All the latest As Seen On TV products. We have been in business since 1988. Branches in Jordan,Dubai ,Senegal,Brasil and South Africa.

Our offices and stores are located in Haykalieh,Bahsas. Tripoli - North Lebanon. Tel: 70-145630 - 03-000014 -06-412092.
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Is an innovative device that

filters energy improving the efficiency and

power factor of electricity by adopting the

latest and high-efficiency electric power

saving technology. This can provide

effective protection for electricity

appliances prolong their lifespan. It is a

high –efficiency energy saving device

which is designed mainly to meet the

demands of household.


• Save energy efficiently

• Environmental conservancy

• Reduce electricity bills

• Easy to use and install

• Prolong the lifespan of appliance

• Stabilize electrical current

• Reduce electricity overheating

• Surge protection

• Fully compliant with safety standards

• Protects your Environment

• Prevent harmful electromagnetic waves

• Safe to use 24 hours a day all year


How does it work:

G-NER-G SAVER tunes the electrical

system in your home or office ,this fine

tuning reduces heat generation reduce

amperage and as result a reduction of

energy consumption. It causes less waste

of electrical energy while increasing the

life of the inductive equipment in your

home or office. It helps protect against

surges and reduces heat generated

through electrical wires. Protects amount

of EMF electromagnetic field.


G-NER-G SAVER is easy to use,designed

to use indoor just plug it into any single

phase wall phase wall socket outlet.


Better if plugged into a location closest to

the meter. According to the quantity of

electronic appliances in your home and

the load you can install one or more

G-NER-G SAVER devices in your

bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, family or

dining room, laundry room, garage, etc.

Think Green with G-NER-G TH SAVER!!!

Suitable for Use:

The G-NER-G SAVER device it is

recommended for inductive and capacity

type appliances, works efficiently in the

following electronic equipments:

Air-conditioning, Washing Machines,

Fans, Refrigerator, Television, Water

Pump, Fluorescent light, stereos, lamps,


And many other electronic appliances in

your home or office.

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